PremiumSoft flagship product, Navicat, is named as the China Outstanding Software Product 2009 during the "China Outstanding Software Products Award - Hong Kong Section" prize presentation ceremony organized by the China Software Industry Association during the Hong Kong International Information and Communications Expo 2010.

"China Outstanding Software Products Award" (COSPA) election is a national software product
assessment event organized by the "China Software Industry Association" (CSIA) every year.
The aim of the Award is to elect and recommend a list of local developed outstanding software
products to the China Government Departments; State-owned Enterprises and other enterprises,
through the publishing of an official "Recommended Software Product Procurement List".

This is the 16th year of this nationwide annual award program. There are approximately 60-100
software products selected as "Yearly China Outstanding Software Products" each year. These
elected software products can use the branding of say "2009 China Outstanding Software
Product" on their product packaging.

The assessment of the software product will mainly base on the "Functionality and Practicality Level", "Product Technology Level", "Commercialization Level", "User Usage Situation", "Market Share" various areas. The attainment of the award by Navicat represents its outstanding performance on the areas mentioned above.

PremiumSoft is honored to have Navicat received the China Outstand Software Product Award 2009. PremiumSoft will continue to develop new features making Navicat a tool for users to administer and manage databases quickly and easily.


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