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What's New in Navicat 16.1 - Part 1 Jul 21, 2022 by Navicat


Connection tree

  • Pressing Ctrl+F in connection tree will now open the Search box in tree. It activated another Search box before.
  • Adding shortcut in submenu to have quick access to create a new connection profile.

Information Pane

The behavior of the Information Pane is now more straightforward:

  • Highlighting and copying the object title directly.
  • Adding the Copy button - make it easier to copy the value to clipboard.
  • Showing the related information that you require. Before, SSH/HTTP still displayed even they weren’t being set.
  • Finding in DDL tab - if you are looking for a particular information in DDL, you can use text search for help!

Open current tab in new window

You can now right-click on a tab and open it to new window.


Support OceanBase Community Edition

We announce that OceanBase has been added in our Navicat family. Together with our efficient technical support, Navicat is exactly what you need.

Upgrade for MongoDB Driver

The following points have been improved for MongoDB connection:

  • MongoDB driver upgraded from 1.16.2 to 1.21.1.
  • Support MongoDB Atlas Serverless.
  • You can now choose either driver 1.21.1 (Default) or 1.16.2 (Legacy).

Show Hidden Passwords Behind Dots

We hide the password field with dots for security purposes. You can now click on the eye symbol to reveal the masked password.

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