Download Navicat 16.0 Beta (30-day)

New features and improvements:

· Data Generation

Data Generation helps you to create a large volume of testing data. Allows you to create complex data over multiple tables related to each other.

· Charts

More data sources and charts support have arrived in Navicat 16. We focus strongly on improving usability and accessibility to deliver information and present your findings in dashboard for sharing.

· On-Prem Server

On-Prem Server is now added into our Navicat family. We provide you with the option to host a cloud environment for storing Navicat objects internally at your location.
* Navicat On-Prem Server is an add-on cloud service which works closely with Navicat 16.

· Collaboration

Charts and Snippet are included in our cloud service. Keeping your team productive and to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

· UI/UX Improvements

Connection Profile, Query Summary, Value Picker etc to increase the overall efficiency of your database development.


Navicat Premium version 16


Navicat Premium version 16


Navicat Premium version 16

The execution command:
chmod +x navicat16-premium-en.AppImage