Essentials Enterprise

Feature Matrix

Real-time Interactive Overview
View all registered MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/SQL Server instances and availability groups on one central web-based interface
Monitor your entire estate from one web interface regardless of location or restrictions
Monitor the live MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/SQL Server metrics, CPU, memory and swap usage on host machines
Customize your dashboards and widgets for the best overview
Explore historical metrics in an hour
Instance Details
Agentless remote monitoring
Generate reports for server performance metrics
Export reports to PDF files
Come preconfigured with over 40 fully-customizable alert policies
See the frequency they are occurring and what, if anything, you need to do about the issue
See who responded to each alert in the past
Get helpful advice on how to improve server performances
Use SMTP, SMS, SNMP Trap and Slack with customizable thresholds
Create custom metrics
Advanced filters
Query Analyzer
With MySQL 5.6/MariaDB 10.0.11, Performance Schema is used for query analysis
Analyzing Slow Query Log and General Query Log
Analyzing Long Running Queries
Analyzing related dynamic management views
Find out queries having the biggest impact on your system
Rich UI to monitor InnoDB deadlock
Store a history to diagnose deadlock problems
SQL Profiler
Locate inefficient and slow queries
Visual view, Charts view and Text-Based view for Execution Plan
Create traces to collect data
Define criteria to filter the data collected
Set trace schedule
Replication Monitoring
Detect Replication automatically
Displays your Replication Topologies and enable you to quickly see the status of each replication
Export topology maps in PDF format
Replication error history for replication trouble shooting
Send alerts when any replication problems are detected
Reports Scheduling
Create chart reports: Up Down Status, Replication Diagram, Performance Charts and Long Running Query Analysis
Set schedule to send emails with reports in PDF format
Security Monitoring
Control of access to your monitoring assets and features
Get alerts if there are accounts with no usernames and passwords
Improve MySQL/MariaDB/SQL Server security by sending you alerts
Detect MySQL/MariaDB/SQL Server hacking activities
User Management
Role-based access control
User integration for OpenLDAP or Active Directory
Restrict login or role access by IP Address
Configuration Export and Restore
Save the most recent configuration and restore whenever you like
Migrate Navicat Monitor to new host
Allow Repository Database migration
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