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Comparing Database Connectivity: Navicat versus Java-based Tools Sep 28, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

In the realm of database management and development, the choice of tools can greatly impact efficiency and productivity. Java-based tools have emerged as strong contenders, offering diverse capabilities for working with databases. However, when it comes to native database connectivity, the differences between tools can be quite impactful. Let's explore how Navicat's ability to connect to databases natively sets it apart from other Java-based tools in the market.

使用 Redis Hash 2023 年 9 月 15 日,由 Robert Gravelle 撰寫

在 Redis 中,雜湊(Hash)是一種對應字串鍵和欄位值的資料結構。因此,Hash 特別適合用於表示基本物件和儲存計數器分組等。本文將介紹使用 redis-cli 和 Navicat for Redis 管理 Hash 的一些主要命令。

Using Hashes in Redis Sep 15, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

In Redis, a Hash is a data structure that maps a string key with field-value pairs. Thus, Hashes are useful for representing basic objects and for storing groupings of counters, among other things. This article will go over some of the main commands for managing hashes, both via the redis-cli and using Navicat for Redis.

A Quick Guide to Redis Sets Sep 8, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

Redis supports several data types for storing collections of items. These include lists, sets, and hashes. Last week's blog article covered the List data type and highlighted some of the main commands for managing them. In today's follow-up we'll be turning our attention to the set type. In Redis, a Set is similar to a List except that it doesn't keep any specific order for its elements and each element must be unique. This article will go over some of the main commands for managing sets, both via the redis-cli and using Navicat for Redis.

Navicat Wins a DBTA Readers' Choice Award! Aug 31, 2023 by Robert Gravelle

In a resounding testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation, Navicat has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Best DBA Solution category in the 2023 DBTA Readers' Choice Awards. (Navicat Data Modeler was also a finalist in the Best Data Modeling Solution category.) The annual awards program, hosted by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine, celebrates outstanding products and solutions in the dynamic landscape of data management and analytics. The recognition is a result of votes and opinions from DBTA's readership—comprising data and IT professionals hailing from diverse industries.

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